The ISAA was formed in Gatlinberg, Tenn. on June 29, 1985. We were chartered by Imperial in November of 1985. Our first Mid-Year meeting was held in Las Vegas, NV in February of 1986. Our first Annual meeting was at the Imperial Session in Los Angeles, July 1986. The Officers elected in June of 1985 were considered to be “Under Dispensation”. At the Annual meeting the original officers were re-elected, to serve a full term in a chartered organization. These first officers were Commander George W. Odell (AMARA), 1st Vice Commander Jerome Givens (TANGIERS), 2nd Vice Commander Doug (RED) Sanders (HEJAZ), and Secretary/Treasurer Wes Dickman (AMARA). The 2nd Mid-Year meeting was held in Galveston, TX. Feb. 1987. All Annual meetings, by Imperial rule, must be held in conjunction with the Imperial Session. At our next meeting our bylaws were amended and eleven more Temples joined the ISAA, bringing our total members to 35 Temples.